Classico Arancini

Originating in Sicily, the name Arancini comes from the Italian word “arencia” for oranges, hence the diminutive Arancini to describe what they look like…small oranges.  Simply called rice balls in many Italian-American delis, this traditional delight can be made with a variety of fillings, including cheese, prosciutto, meat sauce, peas, mushrooms, and other vegetables.

At Taste of Italy, we use arborio white rice cooked in homemade tomato sauce and melted mozzarella cheese and then stuff it with either ground beef and peas, roasted red peppers and more mozzarella or spinach and feta cheese.

We like to serve our Arancini on a bed of marinara sauce, garnished with fresh basil and ricotta cheese for any and all occasions.

Delicious is our Promise!


The Italian Thanksgiving

In thinking about the closely approaching holiday and how Italian American’s celebrate Thanksgiving we did a little research.  Most of the articles and topics that popped up had to do with tweaking traditional Thanksgiving food with Italian ingredients.  Basically adding garlic and cheese wherever possible.

But at Taste of Italy our understanding of the Italian Thanksgiving has less to do with changing the recipe and much more to do with the quantity of food and quality of company.

You see Italian family life, in our experience, surrounds food.  So the only way we know how to do a holiday that is really all about food and family is to top it.  You’ll never see as much food in one home as you will at an Italian Thanksgiving.  It’s a day entirely devoted to eating, grazing, gorging, drinking, laughing and being together.  In addition to your Mom and Grand mom’s take on Thanksgiving which probably includes the best antipasto, soup, turkey, stuffing, cranberries, potatoes, sweet potatoes, bread etc. They’ve also made a lasagne and ham. All of that is out on the table before the rest of the family arrives.  But none of your aunts can really come to Thanksgiving without contributing at least a few of their own home-made specialties.  The additions they bring include, macaroni salad, broccoli rabe, brussel sprouts, rutabaga mash, cornbread casserole, crab cakes, arancini and something made with figs.  You name in it and chances are its on the table.  Not to mention your crazy Uncle who insists there be a deep friend turkey in addition to the traditional oven baked one so he brings the fryer, oil and another turkey and spends the afternoon on the concrete patio outback drinking wine and nearly setting the house on fire.

And that’s just dinner.  We couldn’t leave dessert to apple and pumpkin pie. It’s not Thanksgiving (or any other holiday for that matter) without a sweets table. And it better be a big one because it has to hold a lot. Pies, muffins, cakes, chocolate covered fruit, pizzelles, cannolis, Italian cookies and more all to satisfy the sweet tooth.

So you eat when everyone gets there.  Then you eat dessert.  Feeling completely full you take a break, play a few games and talk to your aunts and cousins.  Then you all eat again.  That’s the Italian Thanksgiving.

Delicious is our Promise!

Image Comfort Food in the Comfort of Your Own Home

BROOKLYNPIZZAComfort Food in the Comfort of Your Own Home

Taste of Italy is pleased to announce that we’ve launched our new Brooklyn Artisan Pizza. Residents of Staten Island and Brooklyn can now find this delicious new Taste of Italy product in their local Keyfood Supermarket, particularly Foodtown.

So what’s all the fuss about Brooklyn Pizza hitting the shelves of a frozen food section near you?  Well the latest and greatest in new technology liners makes this frozen pizza taste just like a pizza shop pie. Combine that with our ongoing promise to use the freshest and most delicious ingredients and BADA BING… you’ve got an amazing pie.  Not to mention the obvious benefit that you can buy this bit of deliciousness at the grocery store and cook it whenever you want, like at 1:00 in the morning when you are dying for a good pie and your neighborhood pizza shop already closed.

At Taste of Italy we’re all about making really great food for those of you out there trying to save the world.  So call it a day, head home, put on your favorite show and throw our new Brooklyn Pizza in the oven. There’s nothing like comfort food in the comfort of your own home!